Saturday, August 13, 2011

Big brother

  Right now in our lifetime, things around us are changing at a very rapid pace. Most of it has to do with technology and our privacy. In the big cities, now, there are cameras with real time footage, that can track and see everyone walking on the street, or taking the bus. (In San Fransisco, even INSIDE the bus) Cell phones can pinpoint your location ,our computers contain all personal information and we have no idea who views it, and this clashes with our privacy rights.
The government claims all of these things are for our protection. In one way, it is, this is how some terrorists have been tagged, and criminals identified by these "watch dog" surveillance systems. In some ways,  technology has made the world a "smaller" place, bringing friends and family in contact that live nowhere near each other, and this is a good thing, however, having our every move traced is not. 

  Actually none of the above is anything new, really. We have always been watched from the beginning of time. Not only what we do, how we act, what we view on t.v., how we treat each other, ect...
We get observed from our creator, not just our outward behavior, but what is in our hearts, our thoughts, and even our intentions. So guard your every thought in Christ! God knows the number of hairs on our head (yes even the gray ones) which is far more than any security camera or surveillance system will ever know. God wants us focused on Him. God will protect us from "Big Brother". Who knows (and who cares?) what plan the governments have in store for all the technology at hand. Ultimately, it has no effect on what God has in store for us. God also holds nations responsible for their actions.  So, grin at the cameras, and let them think that you're up to no good, after all, the grin is because your in conversation with the all seeing, all knowing God, who, in fact, has the greatest plan of all. Our salvation! 


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