Friday, July 22, 2011

Just a little background

  I was born and raised in Texas. Baptized into the Baptist faith (who isn't down south? lol) and had "jumped" faiths to Pentecostal (a parental decision) as an adolescent. Reaching the point of becoming a man around the age of 19 with little or no direction, (other than being an avid fisherman) I joined the Army and off to Germany I went. After a two year term there, my next set of orders were to Massachusetts. The unit I was assigned to was sent to Desert Storm. (the first gulf war)  After the war I met an intriguing young lady from New Hampshire and as my "time" in the military quickly came to its end, my decision to stay instead of returning to my roots in Texas prevailed. We married shortly after and this is where the REAL journey of faith begins! Stay tuned Y'all!


  1. welcome to the Catholic blogging world! I am a convert, too. God bless!!

  2. Thank you Colleen, I must say I am a little giddy about it! GBU2!