Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Love is the key

  What is life all about? To please ourselves?  To please others?  I had someone tell me the other day that "The one with the most toys wins." Really? I refuse to believe that snowmobiles, ATV's, boats and the like will be in either of the eternal resting places. (Heaven or Hell- purgatory is temporary)  Jesus lived in such a way that he never pleased himself, but emptied himself to please others, and even told his followers not to take a bag, extra shoes, or even a walking stick. Jesus never "owned" anything (other than the whole world "hee hee") or even desired to have anything other than FAITH.  Money was the last thing on his mind and He only mentioned it once in the bible " render to Caesar what is Caesar's and render to God what is God's." To me what life is all about is exactly how Jesus lived by example and in what he taught. Simplicity is the biggest key to life, as Jesus expressed by his actions, Faith, Love and Hope. Faith in God, Love EVERYONE, and Hope for the best in all things. Hope and faith will pass away, love will ALWAYS remain. Hoping to go to Heaven will not work, Faith in God and his Divine love will. Things of monetary value only take away from precious time allotted to us for prayer, studying the bible, and going to Mass. Being focused on God allows us to take our minds off of our needs and become interested in other's needs. If we are unable to help someone down on their "luck" by giving them money, why not pray for them and ask our Heavenly Father to intervene, He just might open the door that person needs, I have seen it happen. Jesus said "Love your neighbor as yourself." Just think...if we loved everyone as we do ourselves, this world would definitely be a better place.

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  1. It would indeed be a better place Randy. Good post.